Author: Nora Cain          

Artist: Dan McCleary

Title: Untitled                       

Date: 2004               

Description: Hard bound book with hand set type. The cover is bound with Mexican manta cloth. The pages are hand sewn. The book contains 7 hand tipped intaglio prints. The frontispiece is an etching printed directly on the page with plate marks. The book is divided into 7 chapters with the poem Forgiveness along with its Spanish translation Perdón, which appear between chapters III and IV. The intaglios are mounted on a thin pink paper that is also hand tipped.         

No. of pages: 32

Size: 33 x 24 cm. (15 x 11 inches)

Size of edition: 20       

A.P.s: none   

Proofs: Deluxe edition I/III, II/III, III/III 

Color runs: 2                     

Paper: Intaglios and text are printed on Mold made Hannumuehle paper.  Intaglios are hand-tipped on Mexican Stras paper.  End papers are Mexican Stras paper.

Printer: Linotipográfica Quintas, Oaxaca, Mexico.     

Bookbinder: Linotipográfica Quintas, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Lay-Out and Design: Dan McCleary and James Brown.

Publisher: Carpe Diem Press, Oaxaca.

Notes: (1) All signed, numbered and dated by author and artist.

Studio ref. no.: CD04.AB.04

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