Author: Octavio Paz

Artist: James Brown

Title: Tu Falda de Cristal

Date: 2001

Description: Hand-bound paper cover book with hand-set type presented in a brown paper folder.  The binding is sewn with wool and has a double cover of glassine and blue paper. The title page is printed on blue paper.  The frontispiece consists of a pink sheet with an offset image printed on an embossed card with an applied watercolor on glassine paper.  The book is decorated with one original edition made of wool on pierced paper.  The textual phrase and the colophon are printed on pink sheets.

No. of pages: 6

Size: 33 x 25 cm. (13 x 9 3/4 inches)

Size of edition: 40

Proofs: None

Color runs: None

Paper: Glassine, a blue German laid paper (2 weights), pink and white Mexican paper. A tan card is used for edition and folder.  

Printer: Double cover and title page printed by Linotipográfica Quintas, Oaxaca, and the remaining type printed in Plaza Santo Domingo, Mexico City. All type is handset.

Publisher: Carpe Diem Press, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Lay-Out and Design: James Brown

Notes: (1) All signed and numbered by the artist.

Studio ref. no. : CD01.AB.01.